Soren Technology Consulting Soren Technology Consulting collaborates with its clients to meet their technology needs. The majority of our consulting engagements involve the development of custom applications to satisfy a specialized need, but we also have experience with a wide spectrum of other technology projects.

The technology services we offer include:
  Custom Application Development
  Website Design and Development
  Business Process Reengineering
  Application Tuning
  Application Integration
  Training & User Support

Custom Application Development
Soren Technology Consulting First and foremost, we develop custom applications. We can create applications that you will host in your own environment or provide hosted solutions. We help you figure out what you need, build it, and delivery it securely over the Internet. We mostly develop web-based systems, but also have built many Lotus Notes applications. Examples include:
Soren Technology Consulting Website Design and Development
Our website development services include any or all of the following:

Business Process Reengineering
Beyond our work building applications, we've also done more general, strategic analysis projects to help companies take stock of their business processes and systems, and to achieve new objectives. Some of the services in this area include:

"Steve from Soren Technology Consulting was responsible for maintaining an active database and reporting system that I worked with for several years. Steve was always fantastically responsive when I had a problem. Steve would quickly troubleshoot the problem and find a solution. When I needed updates and enhancements to the system Steve was always helpful and accommodating."

— Josie McGehee
Director of Finance and Business Operations
Vogue Magazine
Application Tuning
If you already have an application in place that mostly works fine but needs adjustment, we can:

Application Integration
If departments or companies have merged, or previously unrelated business processes have been linked, we can:

Soren Technology Consulting Training & User Support
We can assist with user adoption and support for applications we create, or for other systems already in place:

Soren Technology Consulting
Partial list of some of the software, technologies, databases, and languages we have used in our project work: We always aim to select the right technology for the project needs, and don't try to force every project into a preferred technology. If we don't have the necessary expertise in the technology that's the best choice for your project, we'll either quickly acquire it, or let you know you'd be better off with a different consultant. We're less interested in what's hot or the latest thing, and more interested in choosing the tools that will produce results quickly and provide a solution that's stable, secure, reliable, and long-lasting.

If your organization could benefit from any of these services, contact us for a free consultation.