Soren Technology Consulting Over the years Soren has completed a large variety of projects. A typical project is the development of a custom web-based application to meet a company's specialized needs. Some projects are modest in scope and completed within weeks, while others involve complicated business processes and may last a year or longer.

Below is a sampling of some of the projects we've completed for our clients.

Soren Technology Consulting
Developed on behalf of the most widely read magazine in the U.S.
One-stop, integrated request system for sales staff to request all available services from the business. The salesperson completes an integrated form to request one or more services: Print Pricing, Online Pricing, Marketing, Merchandising, Research, Circulation Reports. The system's features include:

"The New Yorker has worked with Soren Technology Consulting on several projects; two of the solutions created for us are still in use after eight years. In a more recent project, Steve Santurri developed a web-based editorial production tracking system for that is used to replicate The New Yorker's print reviewing process for all the web pages, allowing us to maintain the same quality control we have in the print magazine while using the same editorial staff. The project materials he created were meticulously drawn up, with the details that we mentioned as asides seamlessly integrated into a workflow that fulfills the business objective, is a pleasure to work with, and doesn’t waste our time with extra steps. The end-result is an excellent user experience."

— Kilian Schalk
Technical Director of Digital Projects
Deputy Director of Production
The New Yorker

Developed for use by 15 Art Departments at a magazine publishing company
Request system for Art Departments to intake job requests, supporting the process from request through job completion, as follows:

Soren Technology Consulting

Developed for US division of international bank
Enhancements and new features for Know Your Customer (KYC) and New Account Opening system. Features include:

Soren Technology Consulting

Developed for several Promotions departments at a media company
Contact and event management database, including custom fields for tracking details of specialized interest. Features include:

Soren Technology Consulting
For the sales staff of a magazine with multiple regional editions and sales staff located throughout the U.S.
Analysis and implementation project to identify the best mid-level off-the-shelf CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product to meet the sales staff's needs. Services included:
Soren Technology Consulting
Developed for the web content team of a weekly magazine
Online checklist for coordinating the efforts of multiple people who work together to create the content for a news-oriented website. Feature highlights:
Soren Technology Consulting
Developed for a busy photo department that dispatches photographers to cover events for multiple publications
Web-based request system used by editors to request that photographers be sent to photograph events for reporting in the newspaper/magazine. Automates entire workflow:
Soren Technology Consulting
Developed for two online media companies merging their operations
Analysis project to enable system upgrades necessary to support new business model. Services provided included: