Soren Technology Consulting Soren Technology Consulting develops custom technology solutions. Our approach to building applications has been developed and refined over years of experience as an IT director and independent consultant. By working with different types of companies and staff at all levels of an organization, we've developed a clear sense of what works and what doesn't. Our development strategy ensures that our efforts are carefully focused, that we never lose sight of the project's goals, and that we marry flexibility with discipline to keep projects on schedule, on budget, and relevant.

We distinguish ourselves from other consultants through several core competencies:

Soren Technology Consulting   Rigorous analytical approach:
We independently analyze our client's business processes and help them to define and refine their goals. We listen patiently, and then ask detailed questions to ensure we build a system that satisfies business needs while also accommodating the way people actually work.

  Superior communications:
We bridge the gap between technology and business, and do it in the language of our clients. We avoid technical jargon used for its own sake, and we provide detailed documentation outlining each step of the project all the way through.

  Technology independence:
While there are certain technologies in which we specialize, we have familiarity with enough technologies to recommend the right technical solution without bias.

  Contingency planning:
We follow a highly structured development methodology, but at the same time also recognize that projects take place in the real world, and will change and evolve as they proceed. We anticipate change, and are nimble enough to adjust quickly and minimize wasted effort.

"Soren Technology created two separate web-based systems used to coordinate photo assignments and subsequent photo production. Throughout the project, Soren demonstrated an in-depth comprehension of the subject matter as well as incredible attention to detail. This along with useful recommendations contributed to two stellar final products."

— Anita Bethel
Photo Director
Fairchild Publications
Soren prizes efficiency, simplicity, and clarity. When we develop an application, our goal is an uncluttered design, an intuitive interface so that users can quickly accomplish what they need to get done, and flexibility in the system to accommodate anticipated changes. We want our clients to be self-sufficient, and always include maintenance features so that a non-technical administrative user can adjust the system without our involvement when staff or the business process changes.

If you have a project that could benefit from our approach, contact us for a free initial consultation.